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SDV1109   6.1, 200W integrated
 digital amplifier
  Piggy   Lowest cost of
  Store   High Street fashion
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  6.1, 80W integrated amplifier (SDV1109-A-80)     High efficiency     UK Supermarket
  100W power amplifier module (SDV1035-100)     Excellent sound quality     Major Department store
  300W power amplifier module (SDV1042-300)     High reliability     Public Announcement and General Alarms
  600W power amplifier module (SDV1042-600)     Compact and discreet     Bars and restaurants
  600W Plate amplifier (SDV1056-600)     Environmental Impact     Residential
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SDV1082   8 channel
  Like   One of many satisfied
  new   Next generation digital
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  Input coupling transformer     Customer A  
  100V line output transformer     Customer B  
  Amplifier mounting kit     Customer C  
  Remote volume control     Customer D  

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