Next generation amplifiers

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  Our current Amplifiers
Our current amplifier technology has the following advantages over traditional amplifiers
Size - we are half the size and weight of a traditional amplifier
Efficiency - in usage we are 80% to 90% efficient (minimal power is wasted)
Quiet operation - we don't use fans in our music system amplifiers because our amplifiers don't waste power internally
Cost - our amplifiers are cheaper to run such that they pay for themselves via reduced electricity consumption in 2 to 3 years
  Our next generation amplifiers
Our next generation amplifier technology will have the following improvements
Size - we are aiming to shrink the size of our amplifiers by up to 50% i.e. we will be a quarter of the size of a traditional amplifier
Efficiency - in usage we are targeting up to 95% (every little bit helps)
Discreet - we aim to boost the power density of our amplifier five fold leading to smaller size, weight and minimal heat dissipation
Cost - our amplifiers will be even cheaper to own in an era when power consumption will be an important factor in amplifier choice.

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